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A collection of original works by Leah Stein that span over the 2000s, including collaborations and large scale company works

Work titles & summaries:

Cirque 2000

Commissioned by the Painted Bride Art Center.

Performed at the Philadelphia Arts Bank Theater, The National Building, PA.

Live sound/music by Toshi Makihara and David Forlano


Corner Lot 2000

Site-specific work performed in a small corner parking lot in Old City

6 dancers

Sound by Toshi Makihara


Falling from the sky 2001

Site-specific performance work at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square

Four dancers and children from local community groups

Music by Toshi Makihara


Imprint 2002

Collaboration with poet Josey Foo & composer David Forlano

Performed at Philadelphia Arts Bank.

Inspired by a collection of 52 poems by Josey Foo written in collaboration with the dance


Through Lines 2003

Through Lines (of Intimate Distance) Commissioned for the 2003 Dance

Boom Festival at the Wilma Theater. Excerpts performed in Poland & Romania

Sound score by David Forlano


Carmina Burana 2006

Commisioned by Frostburg University. Performed with 120-voice chorus,

3 soloists, 2 pianists, 4 percussionists, 8 dancers at Frostburg Cultural Arts Series in Frostberg, MD.

Performed in Philadelphia with Mendelssohn Club Chorus at Girard College


Bardo 2006

12 minute film/video from footage of live performance of

Bardo. Screened at the Wilma Theater, Philadelphia, Velocity Theater, Seattle,

WA, ODC Theater, San Fransisco, CA, Wells College, Aurora, NY

Urban Echo 2008

Large scale work in collaboration with composer Pauline Oliveros & Mendelssohn Club Chorus

Performed in the Live Arts Festival at the Rotunda in West Philadelphia

65 singers, 8 dancers


GATE 2007

Site-specific performance

7 dancers, 2 musicians, 8 community participants

Performed at Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site in Philadelphia

Collaboration with percussionist Toshi

Makihara and saxophonist

Performers: Danielle Kinne, Michele Tantoco, Jaamil Kosoko, Roko Kawai, David Konyk, Shavon Norris, Josie Smith with community participants


Izu House (Japan) 2008

Site-specific performance in collaboration with Roko Kawai and Tokyo based artists Hideo Arai and Mika Kimula

In 200-year-old traditional Japanese house on the Izu peninsula


Remembrances 2009


Battle Hymns 2009

Collaboration with Mendelssohn Club Chorus, commissioned score

by composer David Lang. Performed at Calvary on 23rd

and Chestnut Streets in the Hidden City Festival.

85 singers and 7 dancers

Two 9min clips + bonus solo clips

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